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What is Fruitful Ministries International Incorporated?
The following information is being provided to answer questions some of you have been asking: FM International (as we call it) is an evangelistic, teaching, Christian organization that embraces all the ministerial activities of Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo since 1969 when he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord, and began preaching and teaching God’s word, especially to young people in schools.  Because Dr. Kisseadoo originally had his ministry in Ghana, studied in Europe in 1983-85 and got his ministry going there, and established it in New York while he was studying and working there (1985-1998), and extended it to Canada as well as other parts of USA, the title “international” was added to the name when it was being registered.  The ministry was already international before it was officially given a name.

The theme verse for FMI is: “I chose you to go and bear fruit that abides” (St. John 15:16).

The Family Movement of FM International is the component that deals with marriages, homes, and family life, and the slogan for the movement is “Family Excellence”.
FM International was registered 10 years ago in the State of New York, and later incorporated in the State of Virginia in 2003. The ministry has expanded over 3 decades, and the thousands of souls that have been saved or taught God’s ways have multiplied to draw other hundreds into the Kingdom of God. Many of them are pastors, ministers in various capacities, professionals of all kinds, and married men and women all over the world.

Rev. Dr. Kisseadoo was officially ordained as a reverend minister in New York in 1992 under the direction of his local church, Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in the Bronx where he was an Elder, Director of Pastoral Care, and Prayer Coordinator, and licensed by Harvest International Ministerial Fellowship, with state, federal, and international license to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize, confirm, perform holy matrimony, and perform all the duties of an ordained minister.
Dr. Kisseadoo and his wife are now strongly led to follow up the original ministry with teaching that serves to build people’s faith up in prayer and practical application of scripture for daily living, and especially establish successful homes, marriages, and families, and consequently strengthen the church of Jesus Christ. Show me a weak church, and I will show you a church with weak homes, fragmented families, and anemic marriages.

The ministry of FM International has a five-fold objective: 1) Evangelism, 2) Prayer, 3) Biblical Teaching, 4) Leadership Development, and 5) Marriage and Family Counseling.
The ministry to homes and families is the primary target today, and most of the other 4 objectives are centered on family life, which is the foundation for every community or nation.
FM International has a Board of Directors and Management Committees. In Ghana the Headquarters is in Accra, and we have employed a full-time coordinator for the headquarters since April 2004.




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