(St. John 15:16)




Generous donations in cash or kind are joyfully accepted for the ministry. If you have genuinely benefited from the the ministry of Dr. Kisseadoo in the past, and from Fruitful Ministries programs, counseling, and other activities, then you are encouraged to prayerfully consider supporting a worthy cause for the kingdom of God.
All checks or money orders should be made payable to Fruitful Ministries.
In the USA: Checks or other donations should be mailed to: 6 Red Robin Turn, Hampton, Virginia 23669.
Bankers: Bank of America.
Further information could be obtained by calling 757-728-9330.
E-mail: kisseadoo@msn.com.

In Ghana: Donations and gifts should be mailed to: Fruitful Ministries, P. O. Box OS 777, Osu, Accra, Ghana. Further information could be obtained by calling the FM Treasurer at 233-243-486003.

E-mail: fmighana_accra@yahoo.com.

Donations and Participation

FM International operates with kind donations and contributions from its partners and friends.  Do contact us in the USA, or at the Ghana Headquarters in Accra, using the information provided in this newsletter, if you wish to be bless us with any donations. For example we urgently need a computer, a media projector , a DVD player , a vehicle we can use in the rural areas and some other essentials for our office in Ghana, and resources for our local and rural branches in the towns where we now operate in Ghana. 



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Fruitful Ministries International
6 Red Robin Turn , Hampton 23669 Phone: 757-728-9330
Email: kisseadoo@msn.com
Ghana Address : P. O. Box OS 777, Osu, Accra, Ghana. Phone 233-21-223119 (office); 233-20-8126533 (mobile). E-mail: fmighana_accra@yahoo.com