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“Fruitful Women” is a new organization that evolved in June 2004 in Kumasi, Ghana, from the ministry of Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo.  During his mission trips to Ghana, he organizes annual town meetings on general family life, and town meetings for single men or single women, and for couples. In addition to these he began organizing a Women’s Conference in 2002 for the public in Accra (Capital of Ghana) and Kumasi (second largest city of Ghana) that focused on general needs of all females.  These meetings are always well attended by women from far and near.  In Kumasi for example, women attended from as far as Offinso, Effiduasi, Mampong, and Konongo (32 miles away).
In 2006 women from as far as the Central Region of Ghana traveled to Kumasi for the Women’s conference. It has been so successful that people look forward to it each year. Metro Television came to record the July 2003 and 2004 Women’s Conference held in the sanctuary of Christian Action Prayer Cathedral in Accra, and televised it to the nation.

Dr. Kisseadoo realized that it would be worthwhile to find leaders specifically for this conference and get it better organized, expand it to benefit more women, formulate good follow-up plans, and get this lucrative and productive conference properly established.
As an evangelist working with churches and ministries, he thought it best to gather ladies who are spiritual and prominently faithful in their churches, homes, and in their respective professions, for such a task. Those selected so far are also wives of important ministers and prominent professionals in Ghana. Dr. Kisseadoo held three meetings with them in Kumasi in June/July 2004 to officially form the executive of the Women’s Conference.  After prayerfully pondering over possible names, they agreed to call themselves “Fruitful Women”, and be closely affiliated to Fruitful Ministries (Ghana).
Just like all other branches and affiliated groups of FM International, Fruitful Women will enjoy all the benefits and privileges of FM International, but run independent programs as a women’s evangelistic and teaching organization with a defined focus on specific female needs, and a more intense approach to reach out to females. It is clear that the purpose and activities of Fruitful Women are not in competition with any existing organizations in Ghana, or redundant in its intended operation.  The leaders themselves reiterate: “this is long overdue”.

Fruitful Women (FW) should be best seen and described as a timely synergistic Christian women’s organization with gifted, spiritual, and dedicated women imbued with innovative and novel ideas that are fueled by godly passion.  Their efforts are in response to a new millennium urgent need and a call to meticulously attend to the desperate and crying needs of females in our generation, using strategies that are rooted in God’s grace and God’s word, for godly, healthy, practical, and productive results in the lifestyles of ladies and girls.
Since an organized Fruitful Women group started in Kumasi where it was originally embraced wholeheartedly, the Ghana FW Headquarters will be based in Kumasi. An Accra FW branch is in the making. In the future, FW will be established in other localities of Ghana, with the headquarters still located in Kumasi.

The primary aims and objectives of Fruitful Women are:

1) Form a National Executive Committee to assist Dr. and Mrs. Kisseadoo in planning and organizing the Ghana Annual Women’s Conference, that aims at promoting Marriage, Home, and Family Life excellence among females of all ages.

2) Reach out to women and girls in Ghana, and teach them the basic godly, holy, and wise principles that form the foundation of a responsible and fruitful life to the glory of God.

4) Encourage females to educate themselves, discover and develop their talents and gifts, acquire fitting careers, engage in productive service, and grow to maturity in order to achieve their full potential for feminine excellence in our present society.

5) Promote healthy relationships and friendship among single as well as married ladies, and with gentlemen.

6) Promote social and sexual soundness, as well as good physical health habits for females in our society.

7) Teach women and girls the right balance between our cultural and traditional practices, in comparison with Biblical principles and Christian practices.

7) Train both young and older women to develop greater faith, courage, and confidence in the face of changing circumstances of life, and learn how to deal effectively with fundamental or exclusive female problems in and outside of marriage.

8) Encourage deeper fellowship and sharing of resources among women and girls.

9) Discuss and explore new opportunities for the development of women in our society, and promote communal support for female needs.

10) Teach and encourage females to become more committed, enthusiastic, and productively responsible church members.

Official Formation


The selected women leaders and Rev. Dr. Kisseadoo met officially in Kumasi on 28th June, 2004 in the conference room of Maranatha Evangelistic Ministry, and the name “Fruitful Women” was unanimously adopted as the official name of the movement. They agreed to hold two major Women’s Public Seminars in a year, and assist Dr. Kisseadoo to organize the Annual Women’s Conference that he conducts for the public.  These activities will be interspersed with follow-up initiatives and regular counseling in collaboration with local church counselors and resource personnel of Fruitful Ministries.

Target Groups


The 5 primary target groups proposed and agreed on for the reach-out efforts of Fruitful Women are:

1) Pre-teen girls.
2) Teenage girls and young adults.
3) Married women (with special attention to young wives).
4) Single mothers.
5) Women in need (career needs, financial needs, health needs, and literacy needs).


Two Sub-Committees will be formed under the FW Executive. These are:

1) Prayer and Counseling Committee --- responsible for all prayer and counseling affairs of FW.
Prayer: organize prayer chain, special prayer times, prayer conferences, regular prayer meetings, personal and group prayers, prayers in person and on phone, prayer force etc.
Counseling: organize group or personal counseling, counseling needs, counseling on phone or in person, follow-up, visitation, Bible studies, Biblical teaching, seminars, workshops, preaching etc.

2) Welfare and Finance Committee ---- responsible for all welfare needs of FW and those ministered to, and financial assistance to the Treasurer and the executive in fund raising efforts, and financial matters pertaining to all programs and activities of FW.

These committees will assist the FW executive in the pursuance of their objectives, execution of their programs, and fulfillment of their goals.



1) Mrs. Rosebud Okonah Frimpong (wife of Rev. Douglas Frimpong, Senior Pastor of Christian Outreach Minisytries, Kumasi) --- Chairperson.
P. O. Box KS13374, Kumasi.     Phone: 0244-705000 or 051-53494
E-mail:  buddiesofrempong@yahoo.com.

2) Dr. Patience Fleischer (medical officer, Kumasi Eye Clinic; wife of Dr. Fleischer, Lecturer at KNUST, Kumasi) --- Deputy Chairperson
No. 9 Buroburo Road, KNUST Campus, Kumasi.       Phone: 020-8154388

3) Mrs. Anita Kusi Boateng (graduate of KNUST, Kumasi; wife of Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, Senior Pastor of Power Chapel, Kumasi) --- Secretary.
P. O. Box KS 9682, Kumasi.  Phone: 051-39900 or 0244-254985.
E-mail: anidels@yahoo.com.

4) Mrs. Victoria Awuah-Sarpong --- (wife of Pastor Nicholas Awuah Sarpong, Administrator, Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries, Kumasi) --- Assistant Secretary
P. Box 8232, Kumasi.    Phone: 0244-023080 or 051-25147.  
E-mail: nawuahsarpong@yahoo.co.uk

5) Mrs. Victoria Abboah (graduate of KNUST, Kumasi; wife of Dr. Ken Abboah of Komfo Anokye Teaching hospital, Kumasi; District Women’s Leader at Pentecost International Worship Center, Kumasi) --- Treasurer. 
P. O. Box 1030, UST, Kumasi.  Phone: 051-32170 or 020-8152081.
E-mail: abboahdiamond@yahoo.co.uk.

6) Mrs. Florence Amponsah Boateng (wife of Rev. Amponsah Boateng of
Maranatha Evangelistic Ministries) --- Organizing Secretary.
P. O. Box 4031, Kumasi.    Phone: 020-8171869 or 051-25147.

7) Mrs. Joyce Obeng (wife of Rev. Ransford Obeng, Senior Pastor of Christian Charismatic Center (CCC), Kumasi) --- Welfare and Protocol Officer.
CCC, P. O. Box 4697, Kumasi.  Phone: 051-71115 or 020-8181588
E-mail: ro@africaonline.com.gh

 8) Mrs. Mary Sarfo (wife of Bishop Oyinka Sarfo, Anglican Bishop of Kumasi) ---
Assistant Organizing Secretary.  St. Cyprian’s Cathedral, P. O. Box 144,
Kumasi.  Phone: 051-50149 (home); 051-47717 (office); or 0277-743075
E-mail: dysarfo2000@yahoo.co.uk

9) Dr. (Mrs.) Elizabeth Esi Crentsil (medical officer, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi) --- Assistant Welfare and Protocol Officer. P. O. Box KS 9421, Kumasi. Phone: 051-33222 (home) or 020-8119125.    Residence: Bungalow No. 34, Danyame, Kumasi.  E-mail: menaesi@yahoo.co.uk


Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Kisseadoo
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