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Beloved in the Lord,
Although the 08 Christmas season is over, we could not get the opportunity to offer you our sincere wishes, so we still want to say to you: Merry Christmas!
The spirit of Christmas must persist throughout the year until we celebrate the next one in December 09.
And a very Happy Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones!
May the Lord grant you the best of His rich blessings in 2009, and make you a good steward (good manager) of His manifold grace and all resources.
The challenges that we face continue to mount with each passing day and season, but God allowed you to be on earth at this time in history because he has a definite purpose for you to be a vital part of His divine plans for this world, especially God's Kingdom.
You were not born as a male or female by accident, and you do not belong to your family or live where you are just by chance. By the help and grace of God, you can surmount your difficulties, touch the lives of people around you, become an agent of change and progress, and leave a rich legacy behind for posterity, right where you are.
All these will happen when you cooperate with God by obeying His word, abide in holiness, pray fervently, work hard, practice love for others, forgive offences, exercise patience, and develop implicit faith in God's unchanging nature and His dependable promises.
On behalf of Fruitful Ministries International Incorporated, we sincerely thank you for your prayers, encouragement, different kinds of contributions, and support, for fruitful ministry in 2008. May the bonds of love, friendship, and ministerial cooperation continue, as the Lord grants us more grace to make greater exploits for God's Kingdom in 2009.
You can enjoy the attached Christmas message from the JOY FM website posted there on 24th Dec. 08. A previous article posted at the JOY website in Nov. 08 has been attached as well. 
Another one on divorce can be read from the link below (press Ctrl first and hold before you click on it):
You can forward or print out the messages for your family and friends, and use them for discussions as well.
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We note that the first sentence (words) that came from the mouth of the Angel (God) to the shepherds in the fied at the moment Jesus stepped on this earth, dealt with fear.  
They constituted the first words that began the preaching of the Gospel, and were: "Do Not Be Afraid" (Luke 2:10). This is further confirmed in Hebrews 2:14-18.
If God says the news is a good one, then we can trust that it is fantastically good, and therefore no bad news has the faintest capability to make it bad news for us. Gos-Pel (Anglo Saxon English meaning Good News) will always be good, no matter what happens around us.
We are naturally afraid of death (physical, spiritual, social, ministerial etc.).
We struggle to maintain our courage and confidence all the time, and are afraid of the death of dreams, death of our reputation, death of the values we have toiled to inculcate into our children or disciples, death of the love and romance or fathfulness in our spouse, death of good in-law relations or ability to satisfy them, death of our good health, death of treasured friendships or good relations, death of ministerial or social support, death of projects, death of the economy, death of the cooperation we need from close associates, death of our strength to resist nasty temptations or overcome sinful habits, death of our opportunities (to marry, have children, pass exams, obtain admission, obtain a much needed permit or visa, get financial assistance, close a business deal, win an election, get our ministry progressing, and even get people's attention for the acceptance of our productions, messages, revelations, and opinions etc.).
All the cravings for religious experiences, occult powers, competition, immorality, and violence, have their roots in the selfishness, fear, insecurity, and dissatisfaction of mankind, which become tools for the enemy to breed other forms of evil.
Even some politicians, community leaders, managers of businesses and corporations, pastors, and ministerial leaders become so afraid of the "death of their positional and ministerial control and power", that they frantically make every effort to obtain and maintain the human support and positions they crave for, and ultimately drift off into all kinds of human legalisms and greed that are mingled with deception and even satanic and carnal initiatives, in an attempt to prevent their profits, positions, ambitions, and power from dying on their laps.
We (all humans) are consequently "afraid people". It is interesting that "fear not" or its equivalent occurs 366 times in the Bible; one for each day of the year, and even an extra one for a leap year.
Several times when Jesus happened to have appeared in an unexpected way to His Disciples, He would say: "Fear not! It is I".
We know that faith is the primary antidote that obliterates fear. And, faith is based on believing God's word.
As we celebrate the Christmas of 2008, let us BELIEVE the Good news of great joy, and think accordingly; and thereby act accordingly, no matter the dark clouds that continuosly gather to block our view from experiencing God's sunshine on the affairs of the present world on behalf of His children.
Let us remember how we started sometime ago, draw deep inspiration, and jerk up with zeal and enthusiasm to keep serving, loving, obeying, and fighting. 
**The devil is ferociously attacking homes, marriages, and families in order to destroy communities, churches, institutions, and nations.
The enemy has simultaneously launched a serious attack with much deception that plays diabolic tricks on the minds of young people to lure them into traps of immorality of all sorts, occultism, laziness, pornography, disobedience, arrogance, worldliness, and godlessness.
The moral, social, academic, and spiritual lives of un-married men and women are under fire from forces of darkness that are desperately fighting to ruin their future and propsperity with lack of commitment to duty, dishonesty, sexual perversion, loss of integrity, misuse of the tongue, unfaithfulness, wasting of precious time, poor use of talents and gifts, and absence of the fear of God.
Therefore, let us wake up and fight back with the weapons of righteousness!
No matter the difficulties that confront us at any moment, let us recall how we began our walk with the Lord, the ministry, education, business, family life, political activities, career pursuits, projects etc. --- how God forgave, empowered, and encouraged us to press on --- and make every effort to believe God's word in all shapes and forms (a word in season during devotions at home or at a camp, at prayer meetings, conferences, in the heat of ministry on a particular occasion, on the day of your wedding or engagement, at a celebration, during a time of trial or suffering, on your arrival in a particular country, on phone, in a book, as you listened to a tape or CD, when a particular incident occurred etc.).
When the thoughts from the flesh, the devil, and the world try to afflict our minds and emotions in the days ahead, let us continually repeat to ourselves and tell those in similar fear around us exactly what God said that night when Jesus was born: "DO NOT be afraid."
Again we wish everyone a Very Happy, Thoughtful, Adventurous, Exciting, Blessed, Fruitful, Life-Changing, and Prosperous New Year!!
Never lose hope in the plans of a Big God, if only you remain humble and obedient in His Mighty Hands! The most important part of faith is patience.
The longer anything remains with the Master, the better it becomes.
"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart; I say WAIT on the Lord!" (Psalm 27:14).
Meditate on Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 55:22; Psalm 34:4, 4; James 1:2-8; Hebrews 10:35-39; Numbers 23:19; Psalm 37:23-29; and Romans 4:17-26.
Remain blessed.
Rev. Dr. Samuel & Henrietta Kisseadoo
Professor of Biology
Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, USA
Founder & President, Fruitful Ministries international Inc.
(On behalf of Fruitful Ministries Int. Inc.
Evengelistic and Teaching Christian Ministry)
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