Rev. Dr Kisseadoo founded The Disciples (an evangelistic singing group) in 1994, and led the group for the subsequent years, to minister through singing, preaching, drama, and dancing, especially in the New York area, New Jersey, Philadelphia area, Maryland, Upper Virginia, and Toronto (Canada).
Two members of the Disciples (Agnes Turkson and her sister Christina Turkson) joined him to sing at the Ghana's official inauguration of Fruitful Ministries International in Accra, on 30th December 2000.
Dr. Kisseadoo previously led The Messengers for a similar ministry that covered the same localities from 1987 to 1993. The original members of Mesengers were Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo, Mrs. Henrietta Kisseadoo, Mr. Seth Johnson, Mr. James Kusi, Mr. Hanson Dankwa, Miss. Lily Eshun, and Mrs. Miranda Sackeyfio.
It could be remembered that any church where the groups ministered, the joy of the Lord, praise and worship, and the accompanying dancing, set the place on fire and turned the congregations loose for praises to the Lord around the place.
The singing and dancing of Dr. Kisseadoo and his team proved so powerful that in Dr. Kisseadoo's home church (Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in the Bronx, New York), the senior pastor (Rev. Hermes Caraballo) designated special times during the year on Sunday evenings which he called "Rehearsal For Heaven", that constituted special times of singing and dancing led by the Messengers, or The Disciples.
Using only his personal compositions, Dr. Kisseadoo produced 2 albums with The Messengers (1989, 1991), and 3 albums with The Disciples (1997, 1999, 2001).

Samuel Kisseadoo, Henrietta Kisseadoo, Mary Antwi, Agnes Turkson, Susana France, Vida France
Some members of The Disciples at home after a television program in the Bronx in 1998. TOP PHOTO L-R:
The Disciples during ministry in Maryland/DC area in 1996. Picture taken at Upper Marlboro, MD.
L-R: Samuel Kisseadoo, Mary Antwi, Charlotte Annor, Rose Nelson, Agnes Turkson, Vida France, Christina Turkson, Susana France, Agnes Dankwa, Henrietta Kisseadoo
ASome members of The Disciples during ministry that celebrated International Day at Tabernacle Church (Bishop Randy Gurley), Laurel, Maryland, 1998. R-L: Samuel Kisseadoo, Henrietta kisseadoo, Susana France, Agnes Turkson, Vida France, Mary Antwi
Some members of the Disciples during ministry in Chester, Philadelphia, 1996. L-R: Agnes Turkson, Vida France, Charlotte Annor, Rose Nelson
Some members of The Disciples after ministry at Glad Tdings Assemblies of God Church, Bronx, New York, 1995.
L-R: Hanson Dankwa, Henrietta kisseadoo, Mary Antwi, Samuel Kisseadoo
The Disciples ministering at a morning worship service at Liberty Christian Ministries, Toronto, Canada, 1997. Extreme right is Rev. Wayne Russell (senior pastor), next to Dr. Kisseadoo. Mrs. Kisseadoo is 4th from left. They were joined by Grace, Esther, and Eunice of the Church of Pentecost, Toronto, who represented The Disciples in Toronto
The Disciples ministering at Liberty Christian Ministries, Toronto, 1997. Mrs. Kisseadoo is 4th from left. 
The Messengers during ministry in Philadelphia, 1991. Squatting, L-R: James Kusi, Henrietta Kisseadoo, Samuel Kisseadoo, Pastor Wheeler. Standing L-R: Ernest Commey (visiting from Ghana), Miranda Sackeyfio, Hanson Dankwa, Lily Oduro Nyarko, Rev. Ammah, Rev. King Quansah. Mrs. Quansah is behind Rev. Ammah
The Messengers ministering in New Jersey, 1993. Front row: Mrs. Kisseadoo with tambourine, Dr. Kisseadoo beating the Dondo drum, and Agnes Ampomah. Other faces obscured.
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