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Fruitful Ministries International (FM Int.) is a non-denominational evangelistic and teaching Christian organization. Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo is the Founder and President, and it crystallizes a ministry that the Lord began with him in 1969. Dr. Kisseadoo has teamed up with Partners and Friends to make FMI an important teaching and enrichment organization for the Church and society, seeking to promote the spiritual advancement and enhancement of the quality of life especially for marriages, homes, and families. A Board of Directors, Trustees, and Management Committees oversee the activities of FM International in Africa, Europe, and North America, where branches exist so far.
FM Ghana was formed in 1999, and was officially inaugurated on December 30, 2000 in Accra.


To evangelize and win souls for Jesus Christ, make disciples for the Kingdom of God, train leaders, and provide communities with Bible-based teaching, love, and personal attention necessary to build strong, productive, and satisfying marriages, homes, and family life.
To enrich, fortify, enhance, and supplement the work of Churches and other Christian organizations by promoting active discipleship of believers through evangelism, prayer and leadership training.


Take time to train believers, families, and communities through Christ-Centered, Bible-based teaching.  Make the conscious effort to the reach out to people in our communities on personal level, and make strong connections with them that ultimately build friendship and warm fellowship.
Be strongly dedicated to provide Biblical spiritual guidance for the organization and management of personal lives and church activities with God’s word, and the establishment and maintenance of strong, holy, acceptable, happy, productive, and successful marriages and families.
Commitment to excellent family values, as God-fearing practical teachers and people-oriented servants who seek to cooperatively work along with Churches, Ministries, Pastors, Christian Leaders, and any persons or groups that serve the good interests of our communities. 


The Church of Jesus Christ and Christian families, as God’s ambassadors on earth, have enormous potential to shape policies and direct the course of this world. Believers and their families have the required tools to make major moral, spiritual, and social advances that can significantly aid and sustain humanity, and Glorify God Almighty.  Our impact, however, still falls short of our potential. In many parts of the world and looking into history, Christianity has demonstrated God’ love and power, but the world has still not recognized in several respects that most of the critical issues facing society today, especially economic, social, marriage, and family problems, are the results of disobedience to God’s Word.  The public proclamation of the Gospel has received remarkable attention by way of Church preaching, evangelistic crusades, and other group meetings. However, the other half of our task, which is the making of disciples through vital Bible-based spiritual and practical teaching, is woefully inadequate, and sometimes non-existent.  This causes the Church of Jesus to be lopsided in its efforts and approach to fulfill the Great Commission as Jesus instructed in Mathew 28: 19, 20.  One major result is the production of many half-baked Christians who are incapable of submitting to God and resisting the Devil, and are lukewarm towards Spiritual things.  Several Believers are disobedient to the Command of God to love our neighbors as ourselves and win them for the Kingdom of God.
Immorality, adultery, sexual perversion, drug and alcohol addiction, financial problems, child delinquency, occult practices, violation of God’s word and godly principles in churches, abuses, divorce and separation, and single parenting especially for homes without fathers, threaten to derail the progress of society, completely distort or absolutely destroy the concept of true family. We recognize the disintegration and dysfunction of marriages, homes, and families as the root cause of all the major problems of our society and the reason for the creation of weak Churches, and make ourselves available tools in the hands of God to be used to prevent and remedy the situation.


A) Work with Ministers, Church leaders, and other Christians to win and establish souls in Christ, and promote the restoration of broken marriages and homes.  Organize family revival meetings and support Christ-centered church programs for maintaining and upgrading the standards of churches, families, and homes that are already strong.

B) Organize regular seminars, symposia, and workshops in conjunction with churches and other ministries, aimed at accomplishing the primary objectives of spiritual revival for individuals and churches, equipping leaders with a vision, and establishing godly values for marriages and families.  Our seminars, conferences, symposia, and workshops will be called Family Garden (based on Genesis chapter 2 where life began in the Garden of Eden, and St. John chapter 15, especially verse 16, which emphasizes the bearing of fruit as vines in God's Garden, which is the ultimate purpose of the Lord for any committed Believer).  Theoretical and experiential knowledge will be simultaneously highlighted for balanced approach as we marry the theory and the practical together for maximum effectiveness. 

To accomplish (A) and (B) above, major strategies will be as follows:

1) Hold training sessions for counselors, resource personnel, and leaders for FM International, other ministries, and churches, using a balanced combination of instruction and demonstration.

2) Home visitations will be made to connect with people for the promotion of effective ministry that touches on people's personal and family needs, through outreach activities of teachers trained in Home and Family Teaching Fellowships.

3) As part of our regular seminars, special Prayer Conferences will be occasionally organized for intercessory prayer for homes and families. 

4) Establish a telephone prayer and counseling system for the public, aimed at reaching out to meet the needs of singles, couples, children, various homes, families, and the general public.

5) Writing, acquisition, distribution, and use of Christian literature to supplement regular Bible studies, for the fulfillment of the goals as outlined above.  Audio and video recordings of essential information will also be acquired or made, and used.
6) Radio, television, electronic messages, and other Internet sources will be used to promote God's Kingdom, especially regarding home and family life.

 As an Evangelistic and Teaching Christian Ministry, our Outreach and Enrichment Programs embrace everyone in our communities, and also embody:
Leadership Training;
Biblical Teaching; and
Effective Prayer.

We Achieve Our Objectives Through:
Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Fellowship Meetings, Discussions, Home Visitations, Literature Writing and Distribution, Media Programs.



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