(St. John 15:16)




During this trip I spent 3 months in Ghana ---- my longest trip so far. I preached a total of 84 sermons in 32 churches (13 churches in Ashanti Region, 2 in Sekondi-Takoradi, and 17 in Accra-Tema). I conducted 13 seminars and training for the public (8 in Accra and 5 in Kumasi). Some of these seminars included Town Meetings on family life (for single men, single women, couples etc.).
I ministered to 6 fellowships and to the student bodies of 5 High Schools. I held two Special Women’s Conference for the public in Accra and Kumasi.  The conference in Kumasi was attended by women from as far as Effiduasi, Offinso, and Konongo. I made 43 radio broadcasts on 7 radio stations (Kapital Radio, JOY FM, Uniq FM of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Love FM, Radio Gold, and Radio Universe of the University of Ghana that came to my home to record an interview about my life history). 
I took part in two live television programs (Counseling Hour by Rev. Tetteh Dzangmah on GTV). Metro TV recorded the Women’s Conference I conducted at Christian Action Center (Spintex Road) on Saturday 10th July, and televised it in August 2004. Mr. Azigizah (the famous DJ who is now an evangelist) came home to record my life history for a new television program for the youth that he is starting.

The testimonies are too many to narrate. So much happened in so many places, and God manifested Himself in so many ways for so many people, that to narrate everything will become a voluminous book that I know you will get bored with on a computer, and will therefore prefer to have it compiled in a book.  Some time in the future I hope to produce a whole book on my preaching tour for the past 35 years beginning from my life as a student evangelist in 1969.
In many churches hundreds of people rededicated their lives to the Lord after being challenged with the truth and confronted by the Holy Spirit in broad daylight. God worked repentance in people that they have never experienced before. Many people accepted Jesus for the first time as well. 
The greatest work in people’s lives was cleansing from filth and deceptions that block blessings in homes and robs men and women of joyful and productive family life. Hundreds of marriages were redefined and renewed nationwide, and hope came alive for possible and meaningful future marriage for singles.
The news of God’s word for marriages and family spread far and wide, even beyond the borders of Ghana. I remember a call I received from London (England) one Sunday afternoon from a lady who said her sister in Kumasi had called and directed her to call me for help with her new marriage that was falling apart in the United Kingdom.  Even my wife who was in Virginia while I was in Ghana was receiving calls from people outside. I will give a few snapshots here:

Kapital Radio

Kapital radio has more or les adopted fruitful Ministry in Ashanti, after realizing the benefits of the ministry to homes and families for Ghana. I was on the radio twice a day, 6:20am for morning devotion, and 9:30am to provide teaching from my two new books on “Communication”, and “Parenting”. I was asked to give 3-day special short series on “vision and motivation” for the public as part of the 12 noon news in June. As usual, people lined up for counseling from early morning at Kapital Radio in Kumasi from all the suburbs and neighboring towns.
There were several people who passed through the station to “say good morning to Daddy” (as they put it), and receive encouragement and prayer on their way to work. Mrs. Judith Agyemang (General Manager of Kapital Radio, and chairperson of our Ministry in Ashanti Region) and her team of Kapital staff exhibited their usual superb hospitality. There was tremendous cooperation, participation, and support from the Kumasi FM executive (Mr. Bansah, Dr. Lampety, and co). Fruitful Ministries does not yet have an office in Kumasi, and Mrs. Agyemang offered her personal office for my counseling each day, as in the past. Sometimes the counseling lines were so long that I ate my breakfast around 4pm!

JOY FM Bridal Fair

On Friday the 16th of July 2004, JOY FM held its first Bridal Fair in Accra, at the National Theatre.  The primary purpose was to promote the importance of marriage and family life in our society, and expose the public to vital information necessary for preparation for a good wedding. Several aspects of business enterprises pertaining to weddings and marriages were also exhibited and taught. There was a wide array of displays by acclaimed companies and organizations exclusively for weddings and marriages or with the slant for them.  I had the singular opportunity to be the special guest of honor for this novel bridal fair  To be honest when I was told after rounding off my teachings on marriage that Friday morning on air, that I was going to be the special guest of honor, I was a little bit taken aback because I felt I was not adequately prepared for it, and especially because I had not performed such a role before for such a fair. 
It was similar to the experience in June 1999 when I was made the speaker for the first ever JOY FM couple’s dinner at the National Theatre in Accra. Pastor Jonathan Otibu of JOY FM Quiet Time whom I did the radio program with that morning rode with me to the National Theatre.  My ‘fears’ were confirmed when I saw the large crowd of participants, and the large media presence. I whispered to Pastor Jonathan how ‘unsure’ I was with my self and the expected performance, but he smiled and gave me some encouraging words for me to be myself and believe that it was really nothing to deal with, and that he was sure I was going to be fine. 
I was inspired by Pastor Jonathan’s performance when he offered the opening prayer in his normal, evangelical style. It gave me the confidence that anything biblical from me would not be out of place. I was given a lofty introduction that stirred a little panic in my heart, but when I stood to speak, the Lord granted me the courage to deliver a fluent speech extempore, which (in the words of Pastor Jonathan) had a professional touch. I spoke on the importance of marriage and family life, the need to prepare properly for marriage with purity and purpose, lack of understanding of what marriage is all about, the carnal and weak foundations that are causing alarming rates of separation and divorce, and the need to respect and honor marriage as a holy, scared, and highest institution on earth set up by God Himself.
After my confident speech a little panic set in again when I was given the scissors to cut the ribbon at the door to the exhibition hall. I think I trembled a little bit due to the several cameras that crowded around me when I was going to cut the ribbon, and was not sure of the exact words to say before snapping the ribbon with the scissors. God gave me some good words to utter, anyway. Oh what an experience! Almost all the networks of radio, television, and newspapers were there to report the bridal fair. The summary in the news was my emphasis on marriage as a holy and sacred institution. I was later surprised to learn that everything that went on was live on JOY FM radio! It was good I did not know that. It could have added to my panic. Some friends heard me on air and ran to the place to see me before I got to know it was live.
I am narrating all these to encourage you to trust God for anything good He allows you to be involved in as you make progress in life. The less you feel prepared and feel inadequate for any task, the more you learn to trust God and not yourself, the more you experience and know His power, and the more you grow in His grace. Sometimes when we become ‘too prepared’, we can become overconfident, perform the task in pride, put up an arrogant or disrespectful attitude (which we even spiritualize and call it ‘faith’), and diminish the quantity or spiritual value of the fruit of our labor. This has happened to many servants of God, spouses, parents, leaders, bosses, workers, businessmen, educators, etc. who have become puffed up with much learning or abundant experiences that have rather become hindrances rather than making them develop humble and grateful hearts for God’s grace and mercy in their lives.

Counseling and Prayer for Singles and Married People


Although hundreds came forward during altar calls in many churches, it was always important for me to wait after each service or program and make myself available (and approachable), for personal counseling. Although I always write down the names and problems of those I counsel, I could not keep track of all the scores of people whom I personally interacted with, but on the whole I counseled and prayed with at least 800 people on a personal level during the entire 3-month period.

I notice that the basis of at least 90% of all the problems in people’s marriages and family life is THE WAY PEOPLE START THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. If you do not begin in holiness, sincerity, wisdom, and REAL UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP REALLY MEANS WITH THAT PARTICULAR PERSON, AND WHOM YOUR COMPANION REALLY IS, then you have already set the stage for a relationship disaster.

TRUE KNOWLEDGE AND GENUINE LOVE ARE THE BASIC FACTORS THAT WE USE TO LIVE WITH AND RELATE TO PEOPLE. Love is not just a feeling; it is the commitment to look out for the welfare and good of the one you relate to  We, however agree, that love is accompanied by varied forms of good feelings. But faith and righteousness (recognition and desire to do the good that will benefit you and your neighbor at the right time, with the right motives) must override or supersede any forms of feelings.

The majority of the counseling and prayer was done at the Radio stations, on phone, in churches, fellowships, schools, and at the special family life programs and conferences. Some people came to my house as well. After the battles of the day, I usually got home after midnight, and even then I still received some phone calls. God always granted me the strength to wake up early enough to get ready and be at the radio station at 5:30am or 6:20am after sleeping usually after 2am.in Accra or Kumasi.  People wonder whether that is the general trend. Please no. 
When I am out on the battlefield it is not the same as when I am at home with the family in USA, otherwise I will put my family in shambles.  I am used to being a night person over the years, anyway, but we work things out as best as we can in order to balance all the multiple facets of our life! The ministry, prayer, Bible study, writing of books and articles, replying to or writing e-mails and letters, school work, church activities, telephone and personal counseling, traveling to preach, shopping, gardening, housecleaning, home fellowship, entertaining of visitors, time with the children, special time for us as husband and wife, resting time, entertainment etc. should all fall into perspective. 
It is a question of priorities properly laid out for each day, each month, and each season, as the Lord leads and grants you the grace. All these must be done in the light of your true talents and gifts, in order to avoid getting caught up in the “rat race” that deceives you to compete and blow up, trying to be like someone else and pleasing men more than God and being a true family person as well as sincerely devoted Believer.
I confess to you that I am still learning. A lot depends on how much time you spend alone with God for strength and guidance, and the extent to which you allow your wife to help you become better organized from time to time. 

FM Counselors in Kumasi

After public announcements, 25 mature counselors signed up to undergo training with us and become a resource team for Fruitful Ministries in Ashanti.  Some of them are pastors and leaders in their churches. I held three good meetings with them before leaving Kumasi. The meetings continue vivaciously twice a month on the compound of Kapital Radio under the leadership of Kumasi and Ashanti Fruitful Mnistries --- Mrs. Judith Agyemang, Mr. Edwin Bansah (SSNIT, and Joyful Way Associate), Dr. Lamptey (Kwadaso Agric. Center, and Pentecost International Worship Center), Mr. Mike Puplampu (lecturer at Art Faculty, KNUST), and Mr. Albert Paa Kwesi Krampah of Alitalia Airlines in Kumasi (our new Ashanti Region Coordinator for Fruitful Ministries).  If you feel qualified and called to work with us in Ashanti, call Kapital Radio at 051-29010 or 051-29040, or call Paa Kwesi at 0244-387669, or 051-41363.

Deliverance and Encouragement

Dozens of people were set free from bondages (witchcraft, sexual bondages, mental control, diseases etc.) after prayer and application of scripture. I teach people to understand that complete yielding to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, serious Bible study and meditation, accompanied by fervent prayer and faith based on God’s word, will produce deliverance for anyone. Many of us are bound because we do not study our Bibles, and do not know how to apply the scriptures for victory. Jesus said His word is spirit and life (St. John 6: 63). I always had some money in my pocket to offer some help for genuine needs, and many small souvenirs I carry along with me (pens, candy, scarves, biblical stickers, booklets etc.).
Many people simply needed someone to listen to them, smile and laugh with them, love them, show them affection, appreciate them, and encourage them to move on in life, especially young girls and abused, grieving, or hurting individuals. Some lives suddenly turned around when I exhibited real love and godly affection plus little financial and material help to them, and especially moved around with them or entertained them. The world, the church, and our communities are crying for people who will open their hearts for the love of God to flow through them, and sincerely care for the needs and welfare of others.
I remember one 18-year old nice girl (whose father is dead) who had been abused by a man, looking passionately in my eyes and saying to me after the second day of prayer and biblical teaching: “Please, can you take me as one of your beloved children?”  I replied: “Yes, I will!” She is now enrolled in the university in Ghana, and I fellowship with her from the USA on phone from time to time.

KNUST Meetings

The meeting with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology sisters at Africa Hall chapel on 26th June 2004 was really great. Although it was the tail end of their exam time, 140 ladies attended enthusiastically. We delved deep into the intricacies of marriage and family life, especially for their future, from 7pm till 10pm. Some stayed up to 11:30pm for counseling and prayer.
The Inter-Halls Christian Fellowship asked me to be part of a panel of campus lecturers (Dr. & Mrs. Kofi Owusu Daaku, Dr. & Mrs. Abaitey, Dr. & Mrs. Merlin Mensah), and some old alumni, for a Leaver’s Night (for graduating seniors) at Queen’s Hall Dinning Hall on Friday 28th May. All the testimonies and exhortations of participants were enlightening and refreshing. I held a men-only meeting for about 100 brothers who stayed after the Leaver’s meeting, to teach them basic principles of family life, role of men in building successful homes, and detailed “stuff” they ought to know about females.  The bulging, wide-open eyes that gazed attentively at me throughout my talk clearly indicated that our beloved brothers received fantastic, sizzling “stuff” that they hitherto had not armed themselves with for the future battles ahead of them in their marriages and homes.
I have realized that many men do not really understand the basic traits and special characteristics of women that make them completely different from men. Men need such knowledge in order to learn how to treat and live with their wives, and even know how to train their daughters properly.
Just as God called Adam to question in the Garden of Eden when sin came into their home, God will always hold the man responsible for anything that happens in the home as leader of the home and the family.
I met twice with the KNUST Lecturers and Staff Christian Fellowship in the home of Dr. & Mrs. Abaitey, and enjoyed the warm fellowship. We focused on the various needs of men and women in our relationships.

Ministry in High Schools

The authorities gathered all the students of 5 institutions for me to minister to them on the preparation for successful future marriage and family life. I dwelt extensively on sexuality, love, affection, value of purity, honesty, diligence, and development of self-worth. The schools were: Accra Girls Secondary School (my wife Henrietta’s old school), Kumasi Girls Secondary School, Yaa Asantewa Girls Secondary School, St. Michael’s Girls Vocational Institute at Pramso (near Lake Bosuntwi in Ashanti), and Ghana Secondary Technical School (for boys) at Takoradi.
At the end of the meetings students lined up for counseling and prayer. It is interesting that in most of these places, the young boys and girls bought my books more than in some adult churches. At Accra Girls Secondary School, one girl bought two of my books on parenting, and when I asked her why, she replied: “ I am going to give one to my father and the other to my mother.”  Some of the questions these young ones asked, and the problems they presented for counseling are quite astounding!
For example: In one school one 17-year old girl has had 10 boyfriends, all of whom sexually mishandled her.
One 17-year old girl began masturbation at the age of 7, and has been bound by it for 10 years, and hidden it, but now needed deliverance.
One 19-year old girl was afraid of going home for the holidays because 2 boys in love with her in the area have been “chasing her like dogs and goats on heat!” She could not tell her mother about the problem because the mother is the type who would scream at her like an angry dog, and is not free with her at all.
One 15-year old girl told me she masturbates when she is alone (especially after watching some movies), and has been doing so for the past 2 years, and it really worried her but she could not easily stop.
One girl whose parents are overseas had been indulging in fornication with another teenage student next door.
A 16-year old girl complained she could not share her problems with her parents or relate to them well; anything she managed to tell her mother, she would tell her father who would in turn rebuke her sharply.
One girl said she is a virgin, but experiences very severe menstrual pains, and people advise her that having sex now with a man will solve the problem! I flatly told her to close her ears to such diabolic advice, see a doctor for expert advise, and trust the healing of God who created her body!
One 17-year old girl has boyfriend and is trying to keep it clean so far, but has the problem of sexual feelings and thoughts when alone.
One boy openly spoke in the microphone to everyone regarding the agony he faces from his stepmother as a result of his stance on the truth of God’s word and holiness.
I had two additional meetings with the graduating seniors of Accra Girls Secondary on their own request. I have been calling and encouraging many of these young people on phone from the USA since my arrival.


Concert With Joyful Way Incorporated

Our first fund-raising concert in Accra for FM was organized with Joyful Way Singers, and it was a great success!  If you only expect to receive millions of money before recognizing the spiritual value of any such meeting, than that would mean short sightedness in ministry. Always look out for spiritual value of every meeting or program you organize, no matter your objectives.
I was the main speaker, and I emphasized the importance of marriage and family life, and the lack of adequate teaching and Biblical counseling these days.  I believe that all of us received good, Biblical teaching, and nobody left the place without learning something for effective family life and a closer walk with the Lord.  The singers were wonderful.  Joyful Way fed my soul with spiritual and captivating melodies that took me out of this world, and cause me to also reminisce on great prayer and ministry times with the group in the late 1970’s.

We conceived the fund-raising idea here in the USA to begin some form of partnership with Joyful Way Incorporated, and trust that it was the beginning of more productive evangelistic activities for the future.  My wife and I are old members of Joyful Way, and are still Associate Members, and realized that if part of our call is to team up with ministering groups, then Joyful Way should be a vital co-laborer with FM International. The new twin singers Caroline and Carolina Wiredu (students at Accra Polytechnic who come from Swedru), also sang beautifully, and afterwards went with me to minister in several churches in Accra and Tema. The Winneba Youth Choir, and Jude Lomotey were there to perform beautifully as well.


Ministry in the Churches ---Thanks and Testimony

I deeply enjoyed the vibrant worship and prayers, plus rich music in all the churches I visited. The testimonies and reports from the churches are too much to narrate in this short newsletter. This particular testimony comes to mind, which I wish to share:
In one church in Kumasi, I happen to hit hard on the occult and witchcraft during my sermon, and narrated a short testimony on how I was embedded in juju and fetish from infancy for my spiritual protection, and later used it for willful indulgence in carnal and demonic activities, but got delivered after my conversion at the age of 17. I mentioned how I set fire to some of the occult items (books etc.) that I possessed. After the church service a young man came to me who had backslidden by joining an Indian cult brought to Ghana by a Jamaican man who was their spiritual leader. He came to confess the witchcraft practice.  His eyes were suddenly opened to see the danger he was entangled in during my sermon. He said he decided to come to church that day in June 2004 after one year of boycotting his church and getting himself rooted in the cult. He showed me a strange long metal key on his key-holder as part of the source of his power. He obliged to remove and hand it over to me.
He told me there were more items at home, and was willing to surrender them. I asked him to run home and bring them, and he did. Some were an odd metal figure of a tortoise, some cloth painting of a strange rasta man used for prayers, some powder tied in a piece of cloth, a strange metal cross etc.
I read scripture on the items, took him through a prayer of confession to renounce all the demonic powers over appropriate scripture, after which he went to throw all the items into a nearby river.

Question: Do you (or your loved one) possess any juju or occult items from your past that carry tormenting demons and curses, but which you still adore? They could be the source of the oppression and failures you keep on experiencing.  Get rid of them in the Name of Jesus!!

We wish to sincerely thank all the Pastors and church leaders for their love, hospitality, cooperation, support, and the opportunity to serve their congregations Our friends in the churches in Ghana are numerous, but we are specifically mentioning the following friends whose churches I visited and ministered with during the May-August 2004 trip (please pardon me if I forgot to mention your name):
1) Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, Bishop James Saah, Rev. Clive Mould, Rev. Dr. Nyarko Antwi, Dr. Muyiwa Adekoya, and Pastor Eddie Arthur, Christian Action Center, Accra.
2) Rev. Fred Deedge, and Rev. Lamptey, Calvary Baptist Church, Accra.
3) Rev. Kwabena Darko, Oasis of Love, Kumasi
4) Rev. Dr. Theophilus B. Dankwa, Accra Chapel, Korle Bu, Accra.
5) Rev. Ekow Wood, Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal Council, Accra.
6) Rt. Rev. Samuel N. Mensah, Full Gospel Church International, Tema.
7) Rev. Ransford Obeng, Calvary Charismatic Center, Kumasi.
8) Rev. Dr. Harry Insaidoo, and Rev. Isaac Commey, North Kaneshie Assembly of God Church, Accra
9) Rev. Father Daniel Ashitey, Parish Priest, St. George Anglican Church, Chorkor, Accra.
10) Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, Royalhouse Chapel International, Accra.
11) Rev. Joseph Gyimah Asante, and Rev. Awuah Sarpong, Maranatha Evangelistic Ministry, Kumasi
12) Rev. Steven Mensah, and Rev. Stanley Mensah, Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, Accra.
13) Rev. Anyanin Boadum, and Rev. Owusu Kwabena, Jesus Generation Sanctuary Church, Accra.
14) Rev. Thomas Donkor, Asokwa Baptist Church, Kumasi.
15) Apostle Essel, Mackeown Temple (Church of Pentecost), Asokwa, Kumasi.
16) Rev. Jimmy Markin, Pentecost International Worship Center, Kumasi
17) Rev. Robert Ampiah Kwofie, Global Revival Ministries.
18) Rev. Bob Asare, Faith Alive Chapel, Sekondi.
19) Rev. Kojo Impraim, Assembly of God Central Church, Takoradi.
20) Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, Power Chapel, Kumasi.
21) Rev. Alfred Nyamekye, Rev. Asare, and Rev. Ekuoba-Gyasi, House of Faith Ministries, Kumasi.
22) Rev. George Odoi, Calvary Baptist at Adenta, Accra.
23) Rev. David Madjitey, Glory Assembly of God Church, Sakumono, Tema
24) Rev. Justifier Ocquaye, Grace Baptist Church, Sakumono, Tema
25) Rev. Bernard Lartey, Restoration Community Church, Accra.
26) Rev. Ekow Eshun, and Rev. Ebenezer Dadson, Revival Life Outreach Ministry, Kumasi.
27) Rev. Joshua Kas-Vorsah, Hall of Grace, Kumasi.
28) Rev. Leslie Tex Buabasa, Christ Foundation Family Chapel, Sakumono, Tema.
29) Rev. George Ayiku, Love Community Chapel, Accra.
30) Rev. Fitzdgerald Odonkor, Harvest Chapel International, Accra.
31) Rev. Simon Ampofo, Harvest Chapel International, Kumasi.
32) Elder Nana Abrah Adjei (Osiadan), Presiding Elder, Dome Church of Pentecost, Accra.
33) Rev. William Ohemeng Kwakye, Kwadaso South District Church of Pentecost, Kumasi
34) Rev. Wisdom Dafeamekpor, Grace Chapel, Accra
35) Rev. Owusu Kwarteng, Eagle Christian Ministry, Obuasi
36) Mrs. Pettite Hage, Leader, Word Of Faith Outreach Centre, Kumasi.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks: To the entire 200-member Kumasi Ministers Fellowship (Rev. Ransford Obeng, Rev. Gyimah Asante, Rev. Kwasi Appea, Rev. Douglas Frimpong, Rev. Riverson, and their team of zealous ministers) for their warm fellowship, sincere hospitality, and loving support. I really enjoyed the two occasions when I gave them a talk and shared fellowship with them.
We are particularly grateful to Rev. Gyimah Asante for his unflinching support for our ministry, and granting the use of his church auditorium free of charge for our Family Town Meetings in Kumasi, and also for the meetings of the Kumasi Ministers Fellowship.
Special Thanks: Also to my friends and accomplished singers the Daughters Of Glorious Jesus (Cynthia Appeadu and her team) for the splendid performance they put up at Christian Action Center with their melodic repertoires during the family life seminars in that church.
Special Thanks: Also to Mrs. Judith Agyemang, General Manager of Kapital Radio, Pastor Jonathan Asiedu Otibu of JOY FM Quiet Time, Rev. Yaw Owusu Ansah of “Asetena Mu Nsem” (Matters of Life), and to the chief executive of JOY FM Mr. Kwasi Twum for their cooperation and support for the radio programs on marriage. We also acknowledge the remarkable performance of Rev. Jonathan as the MC for the first ever fund-raising concert of FM International with Joyful Way Singers on June 24, 2004 in Accra.
Similar Thanks also go to Mrs. Gertrude Opare Addo and Mrs. Winifred Darko Eshun of Uniq FM (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation), and Ivy Appea of Channel R radio for their support and cooperation for all the programs on various issues pertaining to family life, during my visits and also for my live broadcasts on phone from the USA.
**You can tune in to Uniq FM for my next live telephone broadcast from the USA on the program “Woman To Woman” hosted by Winifred Darko Eshun at 2pm on Wednesday 29th December 2004. We shall discuss plans for the 2005 New Year.

My mother’s 90th Birthday

The 90th birthday celebration of my mother Margaret was a joyous occasion and a refreshing family gathering in my Home-town Tutu, in Akwapim, Eastern Region of Ghana.  We sang familiar Presbyterian songs (she is a veteran Presbyterian and an acclaimed soprano singer in the church Singing Band ), after which I read Psalm 90 and gave a short exhortation. We then prayed, shared traditional meals together, and helped my mother to cut her birthday cake.
Thanks to Adwoa Abrafi Ampiah-Kwofi (wife of Rev. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi) who took time to bake a special birthday cake for my mother. Thanks also to Mrs. Marian Barnor (my wife Henrietta’s sister-in-law, and Head of the Legal Department of Social Security Bank in Accra), who made special pastries for the occasion.
Many people refer to their aged mothers as “old lady”. I have never been able to do that before.  It sounds disrespectful to me to call my mother “old lady”.  I still call her “Mama” just as I did when I was young. That is what still gives me the old spirit of submission to her authority as a parent. Calling her Mama also makes me enjoy the old, imperishable motherly feeling of love and affection from (and for) MY MAMA!
One of the things I always do when I visit my mother is to go with her to her bedroom, hold her two hands, pray with her, enjoy her prayer and benediction that is spiritually charged and is seasoned with ancient wisdom, and then put her in my bosom for a good hug before leaving.


The Conference for Pastors and church leaders in Ghana, with my Pastor from the USA (Rev. Ron Johnson of Bethel Temple Assembly of God in Hampton, Virginia) was a tremendous success. Special thanks to Apostle S. K. Ntumy (Chairman of the Ghana Pentecostal Council) for permitting Rev. Ekow Wood , Rev. S. N. Mensah, Apostle Essel, and the Ghana Pentecostal Council to organize the conference, in conjunction with the Kumasi Ministers Fellowship (Rev. Ransford Obeng, Rev. Joseph Gyimah Asante, and their team of ministers).
Apostle Ntumy held us spellbound and spiritually stirred up in his office with his great testimony about horrifying ordeal that he and his family and church members experience during the Liberia civil war, and how God worked amazing miracles of deliverance for them.
I noticed that many people were surprised when it was announced all over Ghana that the pastor of Rev. Dr. Kisseadoo was coming to Ghana to minister.  Many people were asking: “So, Rev. Dr. Kisseadoo also has a Pastor? Wow!” Yes, I have a pastor.  I still enjoy being in God’s will by submitting to the authority of my pastor, who lays his hands on me an prays for me each time before I travel to minister in Ghana.  Wherever you worship or work, please learn to submit to the designated authority God has placed over you  This must begin in our homes, where we take time to teach children to become subjected to God’s designated authority of their parents and guardians.
These are days of much rebellion and misuse of freedom, and we must all wake up and fight that rebellious spirits from hell that are ravaging and tearing apart our homes, families, marriages, churches, workplaces, and communities, especially the rebellion these spirits are building among young people.
About 800 Pastors and church leaders were in attendance every night for the 3 days (June 2-4, 2004) at the Mckeown temple of the Church of Pentecost at Asokwa, Kumasi. I met old classmates and dedicated Christians of the past like Isaac Owusu and others who traveled all the way from Sunyani to the conference.  Rev. and Mrs. Anokye Asamoah and their team commuted each night from Agogo, 53 miles away.
The Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. S. K. Boafo (a minister of the gospel himself), was in attendance, and gave a short speech. The Methodist Bishop of Kumasi, Rev. Riverson, and several lectures of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, were in attendance as well. The teachings of Rev. Johnson were educative and electrifying, and he gave 2000 free copies of the 25-page outline of solid teaching on mentoring to all the participants at his own expense. The television adverts and radio announcements gave the conference a sounding boost, fired by the prayers of the saints. 
I ministered with Pastor Ron for morning devotion on JOY FM in Accra, and on Kapital Radio in Kumasi. Thanks to Rev. Jonathan Otibu (morning devotion leader of JOY FM) who hosted us on his station, and thanks to Mrs. Agyemang and Kapital Radio who sponsored the conference with free airtime plus other arrangements.

Visit to Otumfo Osei Tutu

Kapital Radio arranged a special visit for Pastor Ron and I to see Otumfo Osei Tutu, the Asantehene at Manhyia palace in Kumasi. I was personally privileged to enter the reception hall of the Asantehene for the first time, and sit next to him for a chat, a photograph, and a presentation of my 2 new books on “Communication” and “Parenting” to him. Rev. Johnson, accompanied by Elias Reyes (one of the Elders in Bethel Temple who was his assistant on the trip), presented $1,000 donation to Otumfo as their personal contribution towards the Asantehene Educational Fund for Ashanti Region Pastor Ron knelt and prayed for the Asantehene before we left the palace.

God knows how to Refine our Plans

May 20th was special birthday for my beloved wife Henrietta, which also fell on the day she was born. I therefore planned a special evening for her in order to leave for Ghana after the celebration. The program many of you received indicated that I was to arrive in Accra (Capital of Ghana) on Saturday 22 May and preach the next day at Christ Foundation Family Chapel, Sakumono, Tema (Rev. Leslie Tex Buabasa). After joyfully leaving Norfolk International Airport in the afternoon of Friday 21st May with KLM, I arrived safely at Detroit Airport, and had been routed to pass through Boston to Amsterdam. A short while before we boarded the flight to Boston, dark storm clouds suddenly gathered, followed by torrential rains and lightning.      We were delayed for an hour on the tarmac, and it was announced for pilots to figure out the least dangerous flight routes and follow to their destinations. I therefore missed my connection flight to Amsterdam. 
You cannot imagine how I felt when I was told that it was the last flight for that evening. My immediate reaction was one of desperation.  Tell me that anointed preachers lose their humanity and become unruffled angels during times of crisis on their way to deliver their anointed messages!  They are as human as everyone else!  After lamenting around the checking counter for a few minutes God grace granted me some patience to negotiate for alternatives. I was told that the best alternative was to sleep over and leave with the next flight to Amsterdam the next day at 4pm. Nothing within me was willing to accept that.
I tried to pull out all the faith I have stored since I was born to pray for a miracle.  Do you know that sometimes when you quietly listen to God for directions and wait for His refinement of your plans it is better than some of the crude, immature, “mantra” we chant around: “In Jesus Name! In Jesus Name!”, trying to use to twist God’s arm for a miracle out of “optimism” that we call faith? When you carefully listen to God with your spirit and get His word deposited in your heart, confirmed by the peace of Christ which is the ultimate test for God’s will (Colossians 3:15), then your faith, prayers, and expectations will depend on God’s word and his will rather than your own personal desires and feelings.  Probably that is your problem with your marriage, home affairs, family life, plans to marry, education efforts, career development, vocation, job issues, business plans, ministry, church activities, or leadership opportunities.

The lady in charge of the flight at the check-in counter tried to put me on a flight to London, but frankly told me it was risky because there was no guarantee of any connecting flight from London to Accra. She tried to connect me through Frankfurt in Germany but was unable to do so.  She tried to get me to Paris but failed. Other possibilities did not work out. I finally resigned myself to allow God who owns me, owns all the aircrafts and resources in the world, owns all the plans of the human race, owns all the ministry of His children, and owns all the souls I am frantically trying develop wings and fly over the Atlantic Ocean to go and grab for His Kingdom.

Honestly I felt quite ashamed within me regarding my vivid show of desperation and apparent anger at the situation, and found it difficult to witness to the KLM lady by using my familiar statement: “Give everything to Jesus, and He will fix things for you”.  I knew that I had somehow failed to demonstrate to her that I was allowing Jesus to fix my own flight problem for me! She was calmer and more faithfully composed than the preacher!
Now tell me: Has your faith and enthusiasm to become a good witness weakened or dwindled to zero in your marriage, family life, child training, relationship with your parents, life with in-laws or step-parent, job performance, ministry efforts, church activities, work in your community, leadership, productivity and faithfulness as an unmarried person, long-distance relationship with a loved one, plans to marry, or business ventures etc., because you “blew it big time” by your inability to trust God?  Ask God for forgiveness and accept His forgiveness by faith, then dig deeper into His word and get into fervent prayer, pick up yourself and all the pieces, and move along with renewed faith towards your goal.

The airline had plans to pay for my hotel and give me coupons for meals. I hated to hear that I had to check out my luggage into a hotel adjoining the airport for the night. You know the sizes and weights of an African traveling to his or her homeland once a year, don’t you?  I remember getting into the elevator with two pilots of another airline who looked at me and remarked: “Hmm! You have a lot of heavy luggage, eh?” 
I was pondering over the fact that my family and every friend in the world who knew I was traveling, was imagining me going on schedule, and did not know how plans in this world can change for all of us in the twinkle of an eye. I settled down in my room, said some prayer, and obtained a deep sense of peace. I then called home to tell my wife and family of what had happened.  I gathered courage to call Rev. Mrs. Emily Buabasa to tell her and her husband that I would not be at Tema as scheduled. I honestly felt bad when she told me that they had put out banners all over the city about my program in the church on Sunday 23rd May. I told her I would arrive in the evening of that Sunday, unless God worked a special miracle and turned the clock of the world back for 12 hours on my behalf. That would have been great, wouldn’t it?  I asked hem to preach on my behalf.

When conditions prevent you from fulfilling a desire on your heart at a particular place or for a particular person, prayerfully, wisely, and humbly allow the “Most High God who rules in the affairs of men “ (Daniel 4: 32) to do it through someone else, while you lovingly pray to support  If you submit to God that way, you will live in peace, avoid unnecessary worry and anxiety, develop an unselfish and humble spirit, and learn more of God’s ways.
We prayed and asked God to still minister to the people who will gather.  We prayed especially that outsiders who would come to the church hoping to meet me, should still meet God through the pastor and his wife.  In the end things work out very well, people were blessed that day, and we re-scheduled a new time for me to minister there on Sunday 11th July which was a blessing as well.
I had the chance to do some witnessing to people at the hotel before catching the plane the next day to Amsterdam to arrive on Sunday evening instead of Saturday.

On my way from Amsterdam to Accra, I sat beside a Hispanic South American young lady who was a University student traveling with his mates from Florida to Ghana for a two-week educational tour. She was very responsive to the Gospel and very friendly. We had a good chat about school and God. Just before the plane touched down in Accra, I pulled out my New Testament, and we joyfully read some scriptures and prayed together before landing. What an awesome God we serve! Our ultimate goal should always be the glory of God, and the new lessons we learn as we walk with Him.

Dear friend (Mr. or Mrs. ‘Achiever’) trying to achieve the best for yourself in life: Please don’t get so caught up with the methods that you lose sight of the goal.

Stay strong in God’s grace, remain faithful to the Lord, and stay blessed this season.

Luke 1:37, 38, 45.

The Lord’s servants,
Sam & Henrietta Kisseadoo


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