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FROM: Samuel & Henrietta Kisseadoo


FROM: Samuel & Henrietta Kisseadoo

Objectives Of The Trip: Preach, teach, and evangelize nationwide, collect research data, encourage the students and faculty of my former university (KUST, Kumasi), and minister to family members.

My Pastor in the USA, Ron Johnson of Bethel Assembly of God in Hampton, Virginia, during prayer for me at the church altar before I left for the trip, saw the vision of a knife cutting through a tough leather material------ he explained that the knife represented me breaking through obstacles and achieving tremendous results that I have longed for in years.  The results of the trip confirmed this.
I remember about 8 years ago a Pastor prayed after I had held marriage seminars in his church in Montreal (Canada) that:  "Lord use Samuel Kisseadoo till his name becomes a household word in this world". I thought that was an ambitious prayer. Although I am known around the world by several people, I did not yet see it happening that way that my name would become a household name one day, to the glory of God. But when I carefully observe things, this trip is beginning to create that situation, at least in Ghana, and I need all the prayers I can get! There is so much to narrate that I will only summarize a few things here:
1) I arrived in Ghana in the evening of 18 May 1999 and had a special welcome at the airport.

2) I was put in a nice hotel (paid for by a ministry partner) for the first week in order to have privacy for counseling, by a church that made me conduct revival meetings for them. The results were great. On the last day the Lord led me to pray for the choir members individually, as well as other people I was led to call.  Deliverance and other spiritual manifestations were great. In summary, the Pastors came to the hotel and told me "Rev. Kisseadoo, God has used you to solve some serious problems in our church which you did not know of."  After my arrival in the USA the senior Pastor remarked on phone: " Your work is still bearing fruit."

3) I was put on JOY FM radio (Accra), KAPITAL radio (Kumasi), and Love FM (Kumasi) the leading FM stations in Ghana, for Christian programs aimed at homes and families, for the entire period I was there. During Fathers Day week, I gave special messages on reconciliation between fathers and their children on JOY FM, which was climaxed with a sponsored Fathers Day special lunch/seminar for children and fathers who had relationship problems. We made room for 40 people, but 60 showed up. I was the main speaker, and spoke on the meaning of love, based on the phrase "Love is giving and forgiving". It had TV and radio news coverage.

The results of the radio broadcasts were so overwhelming that I will need to show anyone samples of letters
written by listeners, some of the recorded messages, and addresses and phone numbers of those I counseled in order to give an idea of what God did.
It did not occur to me that since I began preaching in 1969, the majority of people I have ministered to are now married with families.  It was therefore an open door from heaven to do a nationwide and extensive follow-up. It
was also an avenue to return to Ghana with a new phase of ministry, complementing the former student and other forms of evangelism I used to do.
The responses and the needs were so overwhelming that for the first time, JOY FM organized married couple's day for the country at the National Theatre, with me as main speaker.  There was TV coverage.  Gift presentations were made to my wife and I, and an announcement was made that JOY FM would sponsor our return very soon to minister more to families of the nation.

During programs I had calls on-air, and many off-air, dealing with masturbation problems, divorces, family fights, addictions, adultery, fornication, financial stresses etc.  Several people traveled to the radio stations, and to the hotel where I was. On some occasions I left the radio station at midday, and had people waiting for me at home for prayer and counseling. Each morning I had to wake up around 4:30am and get to the stations to begin morning devotions at 5:30am, in addition to other programs. I usually had an average sleep of 2 to 3 hours within 24 hours.  I had lost my voice by the time I was returning to the US. I had a mobile phone that kept ringing throughout the day for counseling and prayer. The official Government FM station (GRE) chased me to come and preach till I managed to go on air for them one Sunday night.  I "made a mistake" and gave my mobile phone number to someone on air, and did not realize it had gone to most parts of the country. After that I had to sometimes switch off the phone to be able to pray, bath or eat, and sometimes asked God for the grace to overcome irritations from too many calls!
One prominent elementary school in Accra (Ridge Church School) demanded so urgently for me to come and  preach that I finally yielded. All the senior students were assembled (about 300) and after preaching with my tired and strained voice, almost all prayed to receive Jesus as Savior.  The teachers confessed they were ministered to as well.
In the hotels where I was put in Kumasi and Accra, counseling progressed deep into the night, sometimes up till 3:00 am.
4) I was invited to preach at a fellowship at Akosombo (where we have our main hydro-electric dam in Ghana) and the people pleaded that I returned for a marriage and home life meeting. I agreed, and so the brethren ran around with
notices and megaphones and invited the whole town for a town meeting at the Community Center. We were there till 11:00pm. Some people attended from neighboring towns like Akuse.  I was told on phone the week after my return to the USA that "many husbands in particular, have changed their attitudes towards their wives in the town." A similar town meeting was held in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, and people traveled from 35 miles radius to attend that meeting on 12 June. I laid hands on every single person after the talk on "The major causes of marriage failures", and later counseled the long line of people who were waiting. I finished just on time for a meeting with the ladies of the University fellowship on Kumasi University campus.
5) For the first two weeks when I was in Kumasi, I was in the ladies' hall of residence in the university each night after every evening program, for counseling up till midnight. *Remember that when it comes to marriage and home matters, females usually are more open about problems, and seek for more counseling.  At least 90% of all the phone calls I received during radio broadcast or visits for counseling during my 6-week period, involved ladies. 
The last meeting with the ladies was a powerful time of prayer and exhortation from 7:30 till 10:30pm on 12 June, followed by counseling.  At 1:00am when my car was leaving, some were on the street to wave goodbye; some cried. After my return to America several of them clustered around a mobile phone in the Hall of Residence for me to minister to them every Saturday night till they went on holidays.  In 1988 I set up a Sisters Library for them as follow-up for the work I was doing with them on campus when I was a student there in the 1970's.  All the Christian brothers and sisters do benefit from the library.   Since then I have been sending them books and tapes, some of which I bought and took some along during my recent visit.

I gave a talk on relationships to the entire University Fellowship (I was Secretary in 1975/76 during my undergraduate years), and had a meeting with the leadership to strengthen them.
6) I held meetings with the Minister of the Environment for Ghana, and his Deputy, concerning environmental affairs, at his office. It was fruitful. Meetings were also scheduled with the Minister of Forestry regarding my research on Tropical Forests.
7) My mother (Margaret) was 85 on 18 June 1999, and for the first time in her life (as far as I remember), I organized a birthday party for her.  I rallied all her children, grandchildren, in-laws and other family members for a birthday party which I recorded on video. Before I left to the USA she remarked "one day you will come and I will be gone." A feeling of sadness was trying to overtake me, and I told her God would give her more years. The Lord ministered to my heart suddenly for the first time in a special way, that when she leaves, she would be in a better place where I would meet her some day. I immediately cheered up in my spirit. Being the last born, I was the closest to my mother during my elementary school years when only the two of us lived together.  When I was saying good bye to her, I held her two hands, faced her closely in her bedroom and prayed with her (it was hard because of our culture; my mother has never done that to me before!).  Then I gave her a hug (which was still difficult to do). I was amazed by her prayers which were very profound, despite her little education.
My mother and her peers had elementary training and church exposure from the Presbyterian missionaries of Basel (Germany) and Scotland before World War II. They attended their mission schools at Aburi on the Akwapim Hills, 3 miles from our hometown Tutu. It amazes me that my mother speaks better English (even the accent and intonation) than some modern boys and girls who have been to secondary schools of the computer age!
8) I set up two management committees in the two largest cities (Accra and Kumasi) and appointed additional Directors, for our Ministry (Fruitful Ministries International). They will organize local programs (Gospel concerts, evangelistic crusades, marriage and home seminars, discipleship programs, prayer conferences etc.) and assist with our future visits, and follow-up work when we have left to the USA.  A branch of our singing/evangelistic Gospel group (The Disciples) was also formed.  Serving on the committees are Ministers, Medical Doctors, University Lecturers, Musicians, Graduates of other professions etc.  All of them are seasoned Christian brethren, most of whom I ministered to in the past, and who could easily "catch the vision !"
9) I held Family Revival Meetings for Calvary Baptist Church in Accra (the largest Baptist church in Ghana) from 23-25 June, and the results were tremendous.  Hundreds attended each night.  Since too many people wanted to see me for counseling than I could cope with, I usually announced on-air for people to meet me at these meetings. After the main meeting each evening, I had a long line of people waiting for prayer and counseling.
10) I had the chance to record some of my messages which were produced for follow-up work and teaching. I treated topics like: "Differences between men and women", "How to be an excellent father", " Reasons why marriages fail",  "Sex and Romance in Marriage". There are others I am getting ready for production on topics like "Conflict resolution", "Spiritual Growth" etc.  Anyone wishing to obtain copies can contact me.
11) I had a chance to give a talk to the Staff Christian Fellowship of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology in Kumasi. It was interesting ministering to my university colleagues, seniors, and old Lecturers!  I integrated scripture into university teaching and research, coupled with family life and ministry.  We had a joyous and productive fellowship after which we took pictures
12) I had the chance to give a university-wide seminar on the future of science (especially Biology) and research, to both students and Professors at the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi. It was very
productive and educative.  I had a meeting with the faculty of my former (Biology) Department to discuss plans for future mobilization of help for them from alumni and friends overseas.

13) Since my arrival in Virginia on 28 June, 99. I have been calling as many of the people whose numbers and addresses I obtained, as possible, and write to some of them.  I do receive faxes, calls, and letters from them as well.

14) The national television (GTV) chased me for a marriage program and asked me to find a lady as a counterpart for a marriage talk show. I selected a Minister's wife, and the whole crew and cameras came to my residence in
Accra for a 30-minute recording on "Causes of infidelity in marriages", which was telecast nationwide on Tuesday (29 June) in Ghana. I keep getting reports about its great national impact and the yearning of people
to have me more.

15) As part of my academic and professional activities, I collected data on births and deaths at the 3 major cemeteries in Ghana (Two in Accra, the Capital, and one in Kumasi) as part of a Life History ecological research I am conducting with students.  The results will be compared with other results in the USA.  I also collected hospital data from the two major hospitals in the two cities for analysis.  As part of my environmental research, I collected soil and water samples for microbial and ecological analyses.  I also went round the country to take pictures for slide presentations at seminars and for classroom teaching.

I need a lot of prayers, humility, deeper Bible study, more waiting on the Lord, and good organization.

We also need the support of God's people, as the Lord touches them on our behalf.

Major assignments for the summer were:

1) July 30-Aug. 1st------- 3-day home and marriage seminars for singles and couples by Charismatic Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA.  The Hilton Hotel was used for the meetings which were tremendously successful.
2) Aug. 27-29, London, England.  ------ I spoke on Friday evening on "How to know God's will" to the Youth and Young Adults of  Trinity Baptist Church, West Norwood, (the church with largest Ghanaian population in London), and preached on Sunday at Victory Baptist Church in Stratford, East London.


  1. Our 5th song album "Ayeyi nka Awurade" (Praise be to The Lord) is being produced in Virginia, and will be ready at the end of November 1999 at the cost of $3,000.   All the 10 songs were written by Samuel Kisseadoo. The recording cost at least twice that amount.  Your assistance will be much appreciated.  Honestly, the kind of ministerial activities we are involved in do not (and should not) allow us to accumulate any personal profits from these.  All that comes out is invested into lives, and projects that promote God's Kingdom.
  1. Ten spiritual and energetic, talented brethren (3 ladies and 7 gentlemen) have offered themselves to form a branch of the singing/evangelistic group of our ministry (FM Int'l) in Accra, and will need initial assistance to minister in singing and preaching.
  1. The FM committee in Kumasi will hold its first city-wide family seminar in November 1999.  They require your prayers and any assistance.


    • Details of activities for the year 2000 (ministry in Ghana, Britain, Canada, USA, Holland etc.) will be made available for your prayer and support in Jan 2000.

    ***Any checks or money orders could be sent to me, or made payable to Fruitful Ministries, designating what you want it to be used for.

     Rev. Dr. Samuel & Henrietta Kisseadoo,  6 Red Robin Turn, Hampton,  Virginia  23669 

    Founder, President, and Executive Director, Fruitful Ministries International (FM Int'l)------the ministry that embodies all the ministerial activities of Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo since 1969 when God called him preach, teach, and sing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    The present focus of the ministry is:

    1) Encouraging The Establishment Of Godly Homes And Marriages Ruled By The Word Of God And Prayer.
    2) Evangelism And Discipleship, Through Preaching, Prayer, And Solid Bible Teaching, For A Demonstration Of Godly Character Through Holiness, Genuine Love, True Worship, and Effective Service.

    Dr. Kisseadoo is also a Professor of Biology at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. 
    Apart from the tremendous ministry among university students, he uses his teaching to help brethren, support his family and meet other domestic needs in order not to overburden people.
    He has been officially mandated to organize Faculty and Staff Prayer for the university once a week in the school chapel.  Please join with him in prayer on this.

     757-7289330(phone)        757-7289335(fax)                        e-mail: kisseadoo@msn.com


    "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?"-----Jer. 32: 27




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