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Rev. Dr. Sam & Mrs. Henrietta Kisseadoo
We are delighted to connect with you today in a world that is increasingly getting populated with self-centered and lonely people. Humans were created by God for worship, and were designed to flourish and become fruitful only through loving fellowship with God and other human beings. There is tremendous power in agreement, unity, warm fellowship, and sincere sharing of resources. We need patience with ourselves and patience for others, in order to build meaningful relationships with them, especially for our marriages, homes, and family life that form the foundation of society. Humility, love, faith, honesty, obedience, fear of God, and holiness will provide us with godly wisdom and true inner freedom that will save us from feeding our pride and ego, and thereby deceiving us to continuously do everything by ourselves in fast track, and end up not only forgetting where we have been, but also forgetting where we are going. It is not how fast you go in life that really matters, but how well you go fast. God is a Spirit who is not limited by distance, available kinds of methods, or the efficiency of human standards. The Lord therefore encourages us to worship Him in spirit and in truth because His Presence, love, salvation, grace, mercy, and peace are everywhere. Join us to tap heavily into God's unlimited rich resources by faith, and let us labor together to expand God's kingdom. Enjoy the edifying varieties at this website, broadcast them to others, keep visiting, and be abundantly blessed.
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A section of the 500 participants (from more than 200 church denominations) keenly listening to Dr. Kisseadoo in June 2005 as he gave teachings on spiritual maturity at the 3-day seminar for pastors, ministers, and church leaders in Kumasi, Ghana, orgnized by Fruitful Ministries in conjunction with the Kumasi Ministers Fellowship. Each participant received a certificate and a free copy of the teaching materials prepared by Dr. Kisseadoo.
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