About Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo


Professor of Biology, International Evangelist, Ordained Licensed Minister, Bible Expositor, Marriage & Family Counselor, Prayer Minister, Singer, Author
Founder & President, Fruitful Ministries International Inc.
(Evangelistic & Teaching Christian Ministry)
6 Red Robin Turn, Hampton, Virginia 23669, USA
Ph 757-7289330 Fax 757-7289335 E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Kisseadoo was born in Akuapem, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, West Africa. He obtained his Bachelors degree (honors) in Biological Sciences in 1977, and a Masters in Ecology in 1982, both at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.
For six years he was a High School Biology Teacher, and was the Chair of the Biology Department of Prempeh College in Ghana before travelling overseas to study in The Netherlands in 1983. He holds a Masters in Environmental Science and Technology from Holland, and a Masters in Botany from Aberdeen University in Scotland. He travelled to the USA in 1985 to further his education at Lehman College of the City University of New York, where he obtained a Master of Philosophy in Biology in 1990 and a Ph.D. in Biology in 1993.
He has taught in several Colleges in the USA including Lehman College (Bronx, New York), Mercy College (DobbsFerry, Bronx, and Manhattan), Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, New York), Medgar Evers College ( Brooklyn, New York), Marymount College (Tarrytown, New York), Iona College (New Rochelle, New York) and Manhattanville College (Purchase, New York), Western Connecticut State University (Danbury, Connecticut). He joined the faculty in Hampton in the fall of 1998 from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut.
Dr. Kisseadoo teaches because he is a gifted teacher, and has love and time for people, especially young people and students. In short, “he is a born teacher”, as Dr. Ross (Professor Emeritus) of the Biology Department in Fairfield put it to him one day when students were flocking to take his classes. In the Fall of 1997 in Fairfield, he taught 260 students in 5 classes in an institution of 3,200 population, and when Dr. Ross heard this he exclaimed “This was the population of Fairfield when the University was started; you have an excellent reputation, Sam !” The registrar of the university called him to inquire why students were flocking to take his classes in a manner that was unprecedented in the history of a school that was predominantly White. Dr. Kisseadoo was the first Black person to teach in the Biology Department since the establishment of Fairfield in 1952.
He has published papers in Ecology, Plant Taxonomy, Botany, and Medicinal plant. His specialties are Ecology, Taxonomy, Botany, Environmental Science, Microbiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Tropical Biology, and Weed Science. His research has produced the largest single collection of African tree specimens for the Herbarium of New York Botanical Garden in Bronx, New York.
He was raised up to his teenage years in the little forest town of Tutu in the Eastern Region of Ghana, on the hills of the Akuapem Region, 23 miles away from the Capital Accra at the coast. The strategic location of his initial environment, and his later travels across the country to preach, teach, and sing, exposed him tremendously to the varied culture and traditions of his people.
Over the years he has given Biological, Biblical and Cultural seminars, in addition to preaching and singing, in Africa, Europe, Canada, and USA. Two of his distinguishing biological presentations in Europe were a seminar on West Africa Tropical Forests at the International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering in Delft, Holland, in 1989, and on Economic Botany at the University of North London in England in September 2000.
In addition to being an academician, he is also a licensed Reverend Minister, Preacher, Counselor (especially for families and marriages), International Evangelist, Author, Prayer Minister, and a Songwriter. Rev. Dr. Kisseadoo was officially ordained as a Reverend minister in New York City in 1992 by Harvest International Ministerial Fellowship, under the direction of his local church, Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church in the Bronx where he was an Elder, Director of Pastoral Care, and Prayer Coordinator, and was licensed by Harvest International with state, federal, and international license to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize, confirm, conduct Holy Communion, perform holy matrimony, and execute all the duties of an ordained minister of Jesus Christ.
He is a columnist on Family Matters for the most outstanding Ghanaian newspaper in North America called “The Ghanaian News” of Toronto, Canada, and also writes for the most widely-read newspaper in Ghana, “The Mirror”, and the main weekly Christian Newspaper in Ghana called “The Gospel Advocate”, as well as other publications.
In June 2000, he was nominated for an award by the Africa and Ghana Christian Fellowships in London, England, for his contributions towards the welfare of his nation Ghana, especially for homes and families. In July 2007, he received an award for his book “The Climate Of Prayer” during the first Ghana Christian Publishers Award held at the international Conference center in Accra. That book was rated among the top 3 prayer books in Ghana.

From 1969 to 1983 when he was a student in Ghana, he preached, sang, and taught in at least 85 schools in Ghana, and ministered in several churches and fellowships as well. He continued such ministry in churches and at conferences in the USA, Canada, Europe and Africa.
After winning and making disciples of hundreds of souls for the past 39 years in Africa, Europe, and North America, the Lord has now laid a burden on his heart to turn people’s hearts to their homes, in addition to his routine evangelism, leadership training, biblical teaching, and prayer conferences.
FM International Incorporated (FMII) is an evangelistic, teaching, Christian ministry that embraces all the ministerial activities of Rev. Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo since 1969 when he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord, and began preaching and teaching God’s word, especially to young people in schools. He still continues in the same direction, but has added important dimensions of prayer, leadership development, and especially ministries to marriages, homes, and families. Because Dr. Kisseadoo originally began his ministry in Ghana where the core of the ministry is now based, studied in Europe in 1983-85 and got his ministry still active there, established it in New York while he was studying and working there (1985-1998), and extended it to Canada as well as other parts of USA, the title “international” was added to the name when it was being registered.

In most of his preaching and teaching these days, Dr. Kisseadoo therefore focuses very much on using God’s word to run our marriages, families, and home lives. This has enabled him to gain much experience in counseling pertaining to homes, marriages, and family life.
For example, In 1988 and 1989, he gave detailed marriage teaching to the Christians on KNUST (Kumasi) campus, including a whole-day symposium which was open to the public. In July 1997, he and his wife rallied a team of other ministers to organize seminars and symposia on marriage and home affairs for the city of New York. He was in Toronto, Canada, in Feb. 1999 to hold marriage and home seminars for churches in the city of Toronto, and continues to minister there. He has conducted seminars for the Church of Pentecost branches in Ghana,(Accra Kumasi , Nkawkaw), New York City, Woodbridge (Virginia), and Silver Spring (Maryland) since March 1999, and has also ministered to the branches of the Church in Vancouver ( Canada) and Albany ( New York ). He also conducted family programs in London, England, in Sept. 2000, and 2001, and has organized similar programs for several churches in the USA.
In the summer of 1999, his programs on radio for families in Ghana received an overwhelming national response to the extent that for the first time, a married couple’s dinner was held at the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra with him as speaker. Since then he has made mission trips to Ghana on preaching, teaching, and counseling tours of churches and cities in Dec. 1999, March 2000, and May-June-July 2000, and every summer thereafter. He is well known for excellent radio and television programs in Ghana. For example, he ministered on 9 radio stations during his summer trip of 2003.
During his 3-month summer missions trip to Ghana (May-August 2004) he ministered in 30 churches in 11 cities, conducted several seminars for the public and in 4 High Schools and on a university campus on family life, ministered on 6 radio stations, and participated in three live television programs.
He has been organizing leadership seminars for pastors and church leaders in Ghana since 2001 During his 2-month 2005 summer missions trip to Ghana, in addition to numerous family programs for towns and churches, plus several radio and television programs, he organized a 3-day teaching seminar for pastors and leaders in Kumasi (2nd largest city of Ghana) on the theme: “True Discipleship”, and was attended by 500 pastors and church leaders. People testify that the conference as the best and most effective in recent years for Kumasi and Ghana as a whole. In June 2006 he organized a 3-day Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders Seminar in Ghana for about 400 ministers and spoke on the theme: “What is Real Ministry?” He also ministered in 39 churches in 11 cities, 4 schools, and conducted 49 radio broadcast on 5 radio stations. He also organized a Women’s Conference, conducted 23 serminars on family life in different cities and a 3-day open-air crusade in his hometown,( Tutu Akwapim) in the eastern region of Ghana.
For his July /August 2007 Ghana trip, he ministered (especially on marriage, home, and family life) in 36 churches in 14 cities; held pastors and church leaders seminars in 3 cities, and organized a 3-day open-air crusade in his home town. He conducted five public seminars plus individual counseling in Accra (Capital of Ghana) one women’s conference for the public in Kumasi (second largest city in Ghana) and ministry in two secondary schools. He ministered to the Faculty and Staff Christian Fellowship on his old university (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) campus in Kumasi, and counseled and prayed with hundreds of people at home, in churches, on phone, at radio stations, in vehicles, and even on the streets.
Dr. Kisseadoo is the Founder and President of Fruitful Ministries International Incorporated (FM Int.), a Ministry dedicated to evangelism, leadership development, prayer, sound Biblical teaching, and the building of successful marriages, productive homes, and family excellence. Branches of FM International that meet in homes (for Bible study, teaching, and prayer), are in Toronto, New York, Maryland, and in Hampton, Virginia.
FM International was officially inaugurated in Accra (Capital of Ghana) on 30th December 2000, in Kumasi in June 2001, at Koforidua in July 2003, and at Agogo, Nkawkaw, and Konongo in the Ashanti Region of Ghana in June/July 2004, and in Obuasi in June 2005, and at Techiman in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana in July 2006, and has started in Tamale (Northern Region of Ghana), Takoradi (Western Region), and Elmina (Central Region).
He has recorded and produced 6 albums of his own compositions since 1989, including his 6th album, which was released in July 2007.
The first two albums were recorded with The Mesengers (1989, 1991) and the third , fouth and fifth with the Disciples most of which were evangelistic singing groups Dr. Kisseadoo was leading to sing, win souls and revive Churches in the US and Canada.

His message tapes and songs CD’s are available to the public, and used by radio stations. Some of his topics are: Sex and Romance in Marriage Pressing on in the Christian life, Solving the problem of disagreement, The differences between men and women, Choosing a life partner, What a man must look for in woman of his choice, What a woman must look for in a man of her choice, Backsliding: causes and solutions How to be an excellent mother, How to be an excellent father, How to know God’s will, Causes of marriage failures, Hindrances to communication,
There are other topics that he has expertise in teaching, for example: Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelism, Discipleship, Effective Bible Study, and Leadership Development.

He has so far authored and published 12 books (since 2001) with the titles: “Choosing a spouse and living a contented family life”, “Conflict resolution and agreement”, “The climate of prayer”, “Why do we marry, and who is the Head of the home?”’ “Spiritual warfare and family life”, “The basic principles of successful parenting”, “The value and power of effective communication”, “Faith for our times”, “Overcoming your suffering and trials”, “10 Keys for success and prosperity”’ and “Understanding the differences between men and women” His pulished two books in July 2007, and his latest book ( The fundamental and special needs of men and women in relationships )was pulished in July 2008.

He makes slide presentations and conducts seminars on African Culture in and outside Hampton.
He coorporates with the Hampton Univesity Chaplaincy and the Counseling Center to assist students as best as he can, and believes that a true teacher must must go beyond the classroom, connect with his or her students , and become accessible to them for further asistance.

His present Academic Research is focused on the ecological and botanical investigations on the plants of the Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, as well as investigations on soil and drinking water samples plus plants from Ghana.

Dr. Kisseadoo receives phone calls and e-mail messages for counseling from every corner of the world, and you can always contact him in the USA on phone number 757-7289330, or e-mail him by using: [email protected].

You can listen to Dr. Kisseadoo’s weekly radio broadcast “Hope For Your Family” every Sunday at 8:30 pm (Ghana time) or 4:30 pm (US Eastern spring & summer Standard Time or 3.30pm in the Fall ans winter )on the leading FM station in Ghana which is JOY 99.7 FM. You can access it on the Internet using “MYJOYONLINE.COM”.

He got married 25 years ago (August 28, 1982) to his wife, best friend, and ministry partner Henrietta (a Registered Nurse), and has three children. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in August 2007.





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